Documentation and F.A.Q.

The Client Manager System 3.0 is easy to use and to make it even more easier here follows documentation and frequently asked questions:

How do I install the Client Manager System 3.0?

Install ScreenshotStep 1:
Upload all necessary content (see screenshot) within the src/-folder.

Step 2:
Go to the URL where you installed the application and login with username: admin and password: admin

Step 3:
Edit the application's settings from the settings panel.
Important: Edit the owner name and owner email.

Step 4:
Edit your own account information.

Step 5:
Ready to use!


Server side
The file manager uses PHP5, so make sure your server supports this..

Client side
Application is compiled with Flash Player 10.1.

What are the reserved folders within the root/ folder?

Root Folder Screenshot

  • parked_users/ - This folder doesn't contain anything, it's used for parking inactive users.
  • user_folders/ - This folder contains auto generated folders for all users.

What is the difference between Admins, Super users and Users?

Admins - will have full authorization to all features in the application including open-, remove- and upload files / folders.
Super users - will be able to open- and upload files / folders.
Users - will only be able to browse and open files / folders.

Why isn't P2P / Chat room working?

Firewall ScreenshotThe P2P-features uses UDP-ports to connect and if you're using a firewall this will block these features.

Make sure your firewall is turned OFF and the P2P network will work.

How much can I upload and download?

The Client Manger System itself doesn't have any limitation to either upload or download.
However the server you use may have a upload limit since this application uses PHP to upload files.
This limit can be editable in the server's php.ini-file.
Either you can edit yourself or contact your host for help.

If you edit the php.ini-file yourself it can look something like this:
upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 100M
max_execution_time = 10000

Please note following quotation from the Adobe ActionScript 3.0 API documentation:
Although Flash Player has no restriction on the size of files you can upload or download, the player officially supports uploads or downloads of up to 100 MB.

This means carelessly how much your server allows you to upload, the Flash Player officially supports uploads or downloads of up to 100 MB.

Why isn't the File Manager working?

Make sure you have PHP5 installed on your server.

If this isn't the root of the problem, feel free to contact me.

How can I edit the language?

The data/appdata/ folder contains all the languages available.
The data is XML data and are very easy to adjust.

If you want to modify a language simply open the language in a XML editor and modify.
If you want to add your own language duplicate a existing language, rename it and modify it in a XML editor.

Please note:
Some language strings contains variable which look like this: <$variable>, do not modify these strings. Simply remove them if you don't want them.

The language data doesn't cover the File Manager nor the LightBox.

Can I stylize fonts and font-colors?

Yes you can.

In the scripts/-folder you see a file named styles.css. This is the stylesheet that is loaded by the Client Manager System.

Feel free to edit it to fit your style.

Why do I keep getting errors when I try to edit in Flash CS4?

It's because CS4 doesn't support Flash Player 10.1.
To upgrade your Flash Player in CS4, follow the instructions here.

How does the P2P work?

The Client Manager System 3.0 uses a service from Adobe called 'Stratus2' (nowadays called 'Cirrus').
The service enables peer assisted networking using the Real Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP).

Read more about the service here.