Features and built-in components

The Client Manager System 3.0 has several features and built-in components that makes this application very powerful.

Below you can read more about them:

File Manager

File Manager ScreenshotThe File Manager is the heart of the Client Manager System.
With a resizable-, easy-to-use interface and many built-in features makes this File Manager the most powerful component in this application.

Double clicking on any supported file type will instantly interact with the application's built-in components.

Depending on the user's authorization will limit the use of the File Manager.
Admins - will have full authorization to open-, remove- and upload files / folders.
Super users - will be able to open- and upload files / folders.
Users - will only be able to browse and open files / folders.

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LightBox - media preview

LightBox ScreenshotThe LightBox is a powerful media preview with ability to preview and playback video-, image- and audio files.

When the LightBox open it will automatically scale according to the users screen resolution to give the optimal preview experience.

The LightBox communicate with the built-in File Manager, so whenever you double-click on a supported file, it will automatically be previewed in the LightBox.

Supported file types:

This is a component of funkyjones and can be purchased separately here!

Text Editor

Text Editor ScreenshotThe Text Editor will let you open-, edit and create text documents.

Either create a new text document directly from the menu or open an existing text document from the File Manager.

Supported file types:

Email client

Email Client ScreenshotSend emails with the Email Client to multiple recipients at the same time.

Hit the 'Contacts'-button to open a new window and manage all the recipients to the current email, or you can add email adresses by simply separate them with commas.

Chat room

Chat ScreenshotWith a P2P (Peer to Peer) connection you can chat with all of those logged in to the Client Manager System 3.0.

The chat window is always available at the bottom of the Client Manager System.
The chat icon will turn red if you have any unread messages in the chat room.

Settings panel

Settings Panel ScreenshotAs an admin, you can at any time change the settings via the settings panel without any knowledge of XML.

If other users is connected while changes are made in the settings, thanks to P2P connection the changes will take immediate effect to all of those online.